The bechamel sauce Durée : 2 mn 5 s

The bechamel sauce, by Laurent Nadiras

The Ingredients :

- Milk : 1 L
- Butter : 0,050kg to 0,100kg
- flour : 0,050kg to 0,100kg

Prepare the utensils and the ingredients : the salt, the nutmeg. Beforehand prepare a white roux sauce (a butter and flour mixture) and let it cool. In a separate pan, add the milk and bring it to the boil. Pour the hot milk into the cold white roux sauce a little at a time, and stir delicately. Add the seasoning and grate the nutmeg into the mixture. Place the sauce onto a gentle heat and stir well until it reaches boiling point. Keep cooking the sauce gently for 4 to 5 minutes.

Pour the sauce through the sieve, prior to this you should check the seasoning and then strain the sauce through the sieve, stiring it with a small ladle.

Place the sauce in a double boiler at 63°C or cover it with small pieces of butter and place it in a cold room if not needed immediately.