The mayonnaise sauce Durée : 1 mn 53 s

The mayonnaise sauce, by Laurent Nadiras

This is how you make Mayonnaise.
Prepare the utensils and the ingredients : the egg yolks, the mustard, a little amount of vinegar which will help the emulsion, some salt and white pepper and finally the oil. Combine the egg yolks, the mustard and the seasoning together, whisking thoroughly until the salt is completly dissolved. Continue to whisk constantly, adding the oil in a slow steady stream.
At the end whisk vigorously to thicken the mayonnaise. One thing to remember : all the ingredients must be at room temperature, the egg yolks, the mustard as well as the oil.

To finish, scrape the insides of the bowl, cover with cling film and reserve until it is needed.

The mayonnaise sauce goes well with cold preparations based on meats, fish, shellfish and vegetables, as a dressing for mixed salads. Mayonnaise is a mother sauce from which many derivatives may be obtained.

Use stainless steel utensils and a mixing bowl with a small bottom base.
All the ingredients must be at room temperature. Begin adding the oil very slowly, when the emulsion forms oil can be added more quickly maintaining the emulsion.
To “salvage” a mayonnaise, start the emulsion again adding a little amount of hot water.
At the beginning it is important that the salt and vinegar be mixed together prior to it being put into the mixture.