Savoury custard cream, also called « custard for quiches » Durée : 1 mn 52 s

Savoury custard cream, also called « custard for quiches »

Savoury custard cream is also called custard for quiches.

The utensils :

  • Chinois : sieve
  • Fouet : whisk
  • Calotte : mixing bowl
  • Balance : scales
  • Film alimentaire :cling film

The ingredients :

  • Light cream fleurette0,400 L
  • Eggs3 pieces
  • Egg yolks1 piece
  • Saltto taste
  • Cayenne pepper orto taste
  • White pepperto taste
  • Nutmegto taste

It is the basic mixture for quiches, savoury flans and tarts. Raw liquid, it congeals during cooking thanks to the coagulation of the eggs.

Add the light cream into the eggs then mix with the whisk. When the mixture is nicely combined, season with white pepper, the salt and grate the nutmeg. Mix together. Taste the custard to correct the seasoning if needed. Pour the custard through the sieve.
The savoury custard cream is now ready to be used.