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This video shows how to make « Duxelles » stuffing


 cultivated mushrooms 1 kg
 butter 0,100 kg
 onions 0,080 kg
 shallots 0,080 kg
 parsley 0,020 kg
 white wine 0,20 l
 veal brown stock base 0,40 l
with tomato purée
“strongly tomato flavouvered”
 garlic 0,020 kg
 breadcrumbs 0,150 kg
 fine saltto taste
 pepperto taste

First make a basic “dry” Duxelles.
Prepare some white wine, breadcrumbs, minced garlic and veal brown stock with tomato purée.
Deglazed the “dry” Duxelles with white wine then let it reduce.
Once the mixture has evaporated all its liquid (has dried out),
Pour the stock, add the crushed garlic and let it simmer.
After the mixture has reduced, add the breadcrumbs, stir and let it reduce again until obtaining the right consistency.
Adjust the seasoning.
Pour in a dish or in a double-boiler, cover with a cling film and place either in the refrigerating cell or use immediately.

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