Vegetable flan Durée : 3 mn 16 s

Vegetable flan
Traductions : Pascale Lanux, professeure d’anglais et Joël Ouellette, assistant américain

How to make a vegetable flan.

You will need vegetables cut in small dices and braised in butter,
a double-boiler lined with greaseproof paper, clarified butter. You’ll also need bakenproof tins and a basic savoury cream mixture.

Butter the flan tins, brush the inside of the tins turning out wise, line the bottom of each tin with the vegetable of your choice. Here, decoratively grooved slices of carrots ;

Pour the braised vegetables into the mixing bowl, add and strain the savoury cream mixture through a conical sieve, stir gently, fill each tin to three quarters with the mixture, place them in a double-boiler filled with hot water.

Greaseproof paper will prevent any water bubble from getting into the flans if the water boils. Place them in the oven at about 150°C for 25 to 30 minutes,
Check cooking by inserting a trussing needle, if the needle comes out dry the flans are cooked. Run a fine knife blade around the edge of the tin to unstick the flan then turn upside down to remove, it is best to glaze the flans just before serving.

Vegetable flan
Utensils and Ingredients for 8 servings. P Lanux