Sunny-side-up eggs Durée : 2 mn 56 s

Sunny-side-up eggs
Traductions : Pascale Lanux, professeure d’anglais et Joël Ouellette, assistant américain

You’ll need egg plates, salt, white pepper, softened butter, a brush, eggs and a bowl (a ramekin) to check the eggs’ freshness.

Generously baste (coat) the bottom of the plate with butter to avoid the eggs from sticking ; season the bottom of the plate never the eggs as not to spoil the presentation of the dish ; break each egg flat on the countertop, open the egg gently, check its freshness then pour onto the plate.

Place the egg plates on a hot iron plate and check the cooking.

Don’t hesitate to turn the plate from time to time to get more evenness in cooking, check that the iron plate is not too hot.

Cooking time is up when the egg white is still a bit milky and the yolk raw but hot.

At this point remove the eggs from the heat and place them on the serving plate.

Sunny-side-up eggs
Utensils and ingredients for 8 servings. P Lanux