How to make an « expresso » Duration : 2 mn 5 s

How to make an « expresso »

This video shows how to make an expresso.

You will need :

  • a coffee grinder,
  • an espresso coffee machine,
  • a porta-filter with two spouts to make two shots of coffee,
  • Or a porta-filter with one spout to make one shot of coffee.

On the espresso coffee machine you have the steam wand with a valve to release the steam, a switch button to have hot water for tea making, and different switch buttons to make other types of coffee.
To make an espresso, you take a porta-filter with one spout, you place it beneath the grinder, you operate the lever to get one shot of coffee, you press the coffee powder down, you install the porta-filter by twisting it in the appropriate notch, you take a coffee cup, you place it beneath the spout and you press the switch button on “small coffee”.
So now you have two types of coffee :

  • a very small coffee called a « ristretto »
  • a small coffee called « espresso »

The two types of coffee have small amounts of thick hazelnut colored foam on top.
The coffee is served with chocolates and different kinds of sugar: candy sugar, brown sugar, white caster sugar and sweeteners.