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How to make a rolled omelette
Traductions : Pascale Lanux, professeure d’anglais et Joël Ouellette, assistant américain

To make a rolled omelette, you will need eggs, a container filled with cold water to wash them, oil and butter for cooking, seasoning : salt and white pepper, a ramekin (a small bowl), a container and a stainless fork, a frying pan for cooking here is an iron pan but you can use a non-stick pan, coarse salt, clarified butter and a brush and finally a serving dish if not a plate will do.

Wash the eggs, you can brush them if they are very dirty. Crack the eggs one at a time. Season with salt and white pepper, then beat the eggs with a fork until getting a frothy mixture and a homogenized colour, the egg mixture can be strained into a sieve.

Wipe the bottom of the pan with coarse salt. To succeed the process of making the omelette the pan must be well-heated. Pour a bit of oil ; the omelette can only be cooked in butter : once you have poured the oil, add into it the knobs of butter. When the butter is melted and foamy, add the the egg mixture before butter coloring.
Put the fork flat, with one hand stir the eggs and with the other tilt the pan, bring the edges (of the omelette) into the centre.
Once the cooking point is reached, either runny or well done, leave on the heat for a few seconds without stirring, switch off the heat then tip down the pan and start rolling the omelette ; at that point if the omelette is stuffed, put the ingredients inside.
If it’s simply a rolled omelette, slide it down, fold over the other edge, and place it on the serving dish or plate.
Use a paper towel to give it a nice shape,
Before serving, brush it with clarified butter.

How to make a rolled omelette
Utensils and ingredients for 8 servings. P Lanux