Eggs « en cocotte » (baked eggs, shirred eggs) Duración : 3 mn 39 s

Eggs en cocotte (baked eggs, shirred eggs)
Traductions : Pascale Lanux, professeure d’anglais et Joël Ouellette, assistant américain

You will need ramekins, softened butter, a brush, salt, white pepper, eggs, another ramekin to check the egg quality and freshness. Prepare a reduction of seasoned light cream for last coating.
For cooking you’ll want a double boiler, its bottom lined with greaseproof paper.

Generously butter the bottom and the sides of each ramekin to prevent the egg from sticking during cooking and to nourish it; for better presentation never season on top of the egg but on the bottom of the ramekin.
Break the egg flat on the countertop, taking care not to break the yolk, check its freshness and pour it gently into the ramekin.
When the water starts simmering, place the ramekins and let them cook in a simmer for about 3 to 4 minutes.
Avoid boiling and make sure that no water gets into the ramekins,
The egg en cocotte cooking time is up, here you can see that the egg white looks still milky and the yolk looks raw but it is hot.

At this point spoon the fresh cream reduction onto the egg white taking care not to cover the yolk.

Eggs «en cocotte» (baked eggs, shirred eggs)
Utensils and ingredients for 8 servings. P Lanux