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« Coconut macarons »

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Grated coconut Kg 0,250
Sugar Kg 0,250
Flour Kg 0,025
Eggs Pièce 1
Egg yolks Pièce 2

How to make the mixture for coconut macaroons
Weigh the ingredients,
- the grated coconut,
- the caster sugar,
- the eggs and the flour.
Pour the grated coconut and the sugar (in the mixing bowl),
Combine well together,
Fold in the flour,
Make a well and add the eggs,
Beat until you have a homogeneous mixture,
The mixture is then ready,
To mould the coconut macaroons,
Place small or less small pyramids of coconut mixture on a baking sheet,
If the mixture sticks a bit, dip your fingertips in cold water,
Place them in staggered rows on the baking sheet,
Bake in the oven at 200°C for 5 minutes,
Then lower the heat to 180°C,
When they get lightly brown remove from the oven,
Loosen the coconut macaroons from the baking sheet (with the metal spatula),
And leave to cool down.