The flaky pastry (la pâte feuilletée) Duración : 4 mn 44 s

The flaky pastry (la pâte feuilletée)

Weigh the ingredients. Put the salt and flour in the mixing bowl. Dig a crater. Add water and progressively mix int he flour. This dough is called the «detrempe».
Knead it lightly, be careful not to overhandle the dough. Then weigh it and divide the weight by two to get the weight of fat needed. Make a slash in the dough in order to relax it. Wrap it in a cling film to avoid the forming of a crust. Chill it for at least 10mn. Flour slightly the worktop before rolling out the dough. to prevent sticking. Roll out each part in a cross shape, leaving a thick center. Now take the softened butter which must be of the same consistancy than the dough. Put it on the thick center and fold the edges over the butter, enclosing it, the folded side facing up. Turn the dough on the right side.
Flour lightly.
Use the rolling pin to create ridges in the dough in order to spread the butter into the detrempe. This is called ribbing. Roll out, without pressing too firmly. be careful that hte dough doesn’t stick to the countertop. The rolling pin must never go past the limit of the dough. Keep the corners of the dough at right angles. When you have reached the length of the rolling pin, fold the dough in thirds. Brush away any flour from the dough’s surface.

Then, as earlier, the folded side facing up, turn the dough 90 degrees on the right side. This process is called «tourer». Fold for the sixth time. Do the last rotation, rolling out the dough. The flaky pastry is now ready.