Egg yoke Pièce 1
Water Kg 0,050
Salt Kg 0,005
Sugar (optional) Kg 0,020
Butter Kg 0,125
Flour Kg 0,250

Weigh the ingredients. In the “inversé” method ingredients are not added in the same order as in the traditional method for hygienic and speed reasons.

Put the water, egg yoke and salt in the mixing bowl, add sugar if needed. For savoury tarts sugar is not added. Mix the ingredients together. Roughly mash the softened butter in the bowl and stop before the butter is completely mixed in. Add the flour and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Sprinkle the worktop with flour. Place the dough on the worktop and knead it with the palm of your hand.

Finally use the plastic scraper to gather all the ingredients in a tight ball. Add flour to the worktop and dough as needed and continue to knead until the dough has a very smooth consistency. When the dough is completely smooth divide into two halves and flatten them into pizza shapes.
Wrap the two sections of dough in plastic wrap and place them in a cold room for later use.