How to cook boiled, soft boiled and hard boiled eggs

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  • Boiled eggs : the yolk should be creamy and the white just set but still quite wobbly (hardly coagulated) ;
  • Soft boiled eggs : the white should be completely set and the yolk should remain creamy ;
  • And hard boiled eggs are totally cooked through.

First, take saucepans (pots) suited to the amount of eggs to be cooked, pour water and add white vinegar, (at the rate of) 5 cl for a litre of water ;
The importance of white vinegar is that if an egg breaks, the white will set (coagulate) immediately ; it is necessary to remove the eggs from the refrigerator 20 minutes before cooking to avoid a violent thermal shock.
Check that there aren’t any cracks on the eggs.

Here the water for the boiled eggs, gently lower the eggs into the water, it is important that the eggs should be totally submerged in water throughout the cooking time.
It is same process for the the soft boiled eggs and likewise for the hard boiled eggs.
As soon as the water reaches boiling point, give the boiled eggs 3 to 4 minutes’simmering time, the soft boiled eggs 6 minutes and the hard boiled eggs 10 minutes .

As soon as the boiled eggs cooking time is over, drain them, don’t cool them down as they are to be served immediateley.
After the 6 minutes’cooking time are up, empty the cooking water and cool the eggs rapidly under cold running water, once they are cool enough you can shell (peel) them.

Tap the shell delicately all over its surface and start peeling the rounded end of the shell where there is the air pocket, delicately remove the shell from the membrane. This process can be done under a slow trickle of cold running water, if you choose to do it that way, collect the shells into a conical sieve.
After 10 minutes when the hard boiled egg cooking time is up, empty the cooking water and cool the eggs down like for the soft boiled eggs.

The boiled egg : the yolk is not set (coagulated) and the white is hardly coagulated.

How to cook boiled, soft boiled and hard boiled eggs
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