Almond tile wafers Durée : 4 mn 26 s

How to make almond tile wafers
Sliced or Minced almonds Kg 0,250
Sugar Kg 0,250
Flour Kg 0,025
Eggs Pièce 1
Egg whites Pièce 5
Vanilla pod Pièce to taste

Almond tile wafers

Weigh the ingredients,
minced or/and sliced almonds,
a vanilla pod, sugar, flour, egg whites and a whole egg.
prepare the utensils,
a baking sheet greased with butter or a silicone baking sheet,
a spatula, a container with water, a fork and a spoon and
a semi-cylindrical mould.
Pour the almonds and the sugar in a mixing bowl,
blend well,
add the flour and make a well, add the eggs,
mix together into a homogeneous mixture,
add the vanilla seeds and mix well,
drop round spoonfuls of batter onto the baking sheet spacing them apart,
place them in staggered rows,
dip the fork in cold water and with the back of it spread out each batter spot in a shape as round as possible,
bake in the oven at 220°C,
check the cooking, remove the almond wafers when they have turned golden
once cooked and still hot, quickly loosen each of them and mould in a semi-cylindrical tube,
once cooled down and they have hardened, they are ready to be used.