Sweetened whipped cream Durée : 58 s

Sweetened whipped cream by Laurent Nadiras
Whole fresh cream Icing L 1
Sugar (GB)/confectioner’s sugar (US) Kg 0,100
Vanilla extract (optional) pièce 1tbs or to taste

Version anglaise de la Chantilly :
Place the mixing bowl in a larger bowl half filled with crushed ice. Pour the chilled cream into the mixing bowl and whip vigorously until the cream is slightly thickened. The cream must be taken straight from the cold room or refrigerator which helps to congeal butterfat molecules. Use high quality cream with a high butterfat content (30% minimum). Add the sugar and vanilla. Continue to whip until cream forms soft peaks. But be careful : a few too many strokes at this point can turn the cream to butter !